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Dateq Miksere

Professionelle og ekstremt solide miksere.
Konstrueret til hårdt DJ brug.

right_ace_mkii.jpgACE 2 zonemikser på 1 HE

The DATEQ Ace is a small, but versatile, six channel 19-inch mixer. It is highly suitable for use in dancing-schools, conference centres etc.
right_apollo.jpgApollo professionel DJ mikser

Apollo, the handsome young Greek
god of prophecy, gifted musician and
protector of young men, has come
down to Earth on an important new
mission. Transformed into a very
complete mixer.
right_crew.jpgCREW helt kompakt og simpel.

The DATEQ Crew is a seven channel 19-inch mixer. It is highly suitable for use in pubs, dancingschools, conference centres etc. The Crew is equipped with three microphone inputs and 11 stereo inputs.
right_GPM83.jpgGPM 8.3 Den ultimative mikser

The GPM8.3 is a very versatile, 8 channel stereo mixer with an extraordinary high quality. At least 16
stereosignals and 8 microphones can be connected simultaneously.
right_LMP.jpgLPM 7.3 Masser af muligheder

The LPM7.3 is a very versatile, 7 channel stereo mixer with an extraordinary high quality. At least 14 stereo signals and 7 microphones can be connected simultaneously.
right_mac5.jpgMAC5: Mixer, 2x500W forstærker, limiter.

Space efficiency is more and more important these days.
Besides, it is a proven fact that size has it's limitations; until now....
Kombineret Mixer, forstærker og limiter.
right_ONYX.jpgONYX til mobile Dj´s

In many clubs and similar
establishments, there is a need to
send 2 different signals from the
mixer to 2 different rooms (zones)
within the establishment, or to have
separate volume
right_STYX.jpgSTYX: 12 indgange og crossfader

Greek antiquity has been the source of inspiration for many new cultures. The dance scene is a culture in its own right, but DATEQ’s STYX has
gained an established place for itself
in that scene.

The biggest DATEQ novelty is the soon to be released Vibe mixer. It is built to form an affordable, better, and far more reliable alternative to the established mixers in the DJ scene.
right_xtc.jpgXTC med killterminator....

The XTC is a unique mixer developed in close consultation with a number of top DJs. The experience they built up in the dance scene led to the implementation of several important requirements,

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