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SolidDrive SD1SM

Varenummer:   SD1SM
Producent varenr.:   SD1SM
Datablad:SD 031711.pdf
SolidDrive SD1SM
Proprietary dual-voice coil technology in a durable, aluminum enclosure delivering high power handling and sensitivity across multiple substrates.
Symmetrically opposed neodymium magnets convert audio signals into acoustical energy for any rigid surface including glass, drywall, ceramic and wood.
Hidden planar-source audio technology evenly distributes acoustic energy throughout the listening space.
Proprietary behind-surface mounting technologies ensure maximum visual appeal.
88.5 Max SPL (drywall) and 120° dispersion pattern across the upper registers of the frequency spectrum.
Wood, laminate & composite (SD1sm) included accessories: direct-screw aluminum mounting base.
Optional accessories include passive EQ modules for drywall, glass or wood; 20 Watt metal junction box for 25, 70.7 & 100 Volt applications (AC-JB20-XFMR) and Heat Sink Fins
For extended frequency response, couple SolidDrives with SW7 or SW8 subwoofers.
SolidDrives operate in a virtually friction-free environment and are engineered for infinite life. SolidDrives come with an industry-leading 7-year warranty.

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