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SoundTube FP6030 Version ll

Varenummer:   FP6030ll
Producent varenr.:   FP6030ll
Datablad:FP6030-II 092810.pdf
SoundTube FP6030 Version ll
Patented Dual-Parabolic™ dispersion control technology provides a targeted audio footprint with true stereo separation.
Twin 1.0 in concave aluminum high-excursion drivers in individually sealed compartments for stereo or mono music and messaging.
Patented ZeroReflection™ enclosure technology for accurate sound reproduction.
Narrow 45º coverage angle for sharp focus.
30.75 in custom-molded PETG clear polymer dome for minimal visual impact.
User-selectable 350 Hz high-pass filter.
Single-point balanced mounting for easy and clean-looking installs.
Ships with clear dome, custom colors available.
Included accessories: hanging bracket, mounting bushing and a 15-foot hanging cable which includes four 16-gauge inputs and a CAT V cable.
Optional modules include motion sensor (FP-Motion), LED light (FP-Light) amplification (FP-Amp), and scent unit (FP-ScentAir™); optional 15-volt, 5-amp or 15-volt, 3-amp power supply necessary for all module accessories (AC-PS-1550 or AC-PS-1530). The FP-ScentAir ships plumbed for scent unit (scent unit sold separately, visit for details).
Optional electronic accessories include 10- and 20-watt transformers with junction box for 25-, 70.7- and 100-volt applications (AC-JB10-XFMR, AC-JB20-XFMR) and an external amplification unit with power supply (SA202-RDT) for use with any FP module.
Additional optional accessories include: wall bracket, sound sleeves and rigid mount adaptor.
Ships as individual unit, bulk shipping available

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