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Distributed networked smarts. Flexible, scalable features. No-nonsense Biamp quality. Move forward with confidence – with Vocia.

Vocia® is more than the next-generation in Biamp DSPs. It’s a fundamentally new archetype. Vocia banishes precarious centralized processing and routing in favor of a distributed networked approach to give you unprecedented scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Vocia’s decentralized architecture distributes processing and page routing across the network—eliminating the potential for a single point of system failure. In fact, it has been built from the ground up to meet EN54-16 requirements for Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment (VACIE). You can depend on Vocia to simply work, day after day, in modest overhead paging applications as well as advanced paging and voice evacuation systems spanning multiple zones and structures.

Vocia uses standard IP technologies such as CobraNet® to lower the cost and effort of implementing single-site systems, as well as existing IP networks for multi-site installations.

Best of all, Vocia comes standard with Biamp’s legendary sound quality and reliability. You can depend on Vocia for sound that moves people.  

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