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VOCIA DS-10 bordmikrofon

Pris:Ring for tilbud
Varenummer:   DS10
Producent varenr.:   DS10
Datablad:Vocia DS-10 brc (1Feb10).pdf
VOCIA DS-10 bordmikrofon
Sure, Vocia® desktop and wall-mounted stations look good. But did you know that each one comes standard with full Vocia smarts?

Inside you’ll find enough embedded DSP capability and on-board memory for your public address needs. Customize your paging system with up to 999 user-configurable page codes. Prevent unauthorized use via PIN codes. Device-specific configuration information is stored locally so the paging stations keep working even if other components become unavailable. The centralized monitoring feature makes it a snap to replace or expand with new components.

It’s also easy to add background music or other audio sources to your Vocia installation using the six-channel Vocia Input (VI-6) expansion device. The VI-6 has local audio signal processing and receives control and power over standard CobraNet® networks.

It’s clear — having intelligent Vocia input devices in your paging and voice evacuation system makes you look smart too.

Desk Stations
Vocia desktop networked paging stations are as intelligent as they are well designed. Choose a Desk Station 4 (DS-4) to employ four user-configurable page codes or the Desk Station 10 (DS-10) to enjoy as many as 999 page codes.

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